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The therapeutic revolution of Kogao® «Japanese facial lift»

Since the beginning of this school, one of its fundamental missions is to promote health at all levels through Shiatsu and other complementary techniques, promoting self-knowledge. From that desire, to invest more in prevention that in healing, also born Kogao® «Japanese face lift».

Kogao therapy. Traditionally, beauty in Japanese culture is the reflection of a state of balance between body and mind. Therefore, the appearance of a person's face can offer us a lot of information about both of them. Today, the pace of life of many people in our environment involves suffering from chronic stress and exhaustion. This, added to the sedentary lifestyle, often insufficient rest, and less healthy eating habits than we would like, cause our body to suffer on a global level, including the sphere emotional and psychological, which is also reflected in our external appearance.

What is Kogao® And what does it consist of?

The history of Japanese facial massage dates back centuries and, like other manual techniques in Japan, derives from Anma. The Anma, which literally translates as “pressure” (An) and “friction” (ma), comes from the traditional chinese medicine and it is the traditional Japanese massage technique from which later techniques were created such as Shiatsu and what is known today in the West as «Japanese face lift». This therapy includes pressure, friction, kneading, vibration and percussion techniques, among others. Kogao is a registered trademark and is the name we have adopted for the Japanese facelift technique at our school.

There are many types of manual therapies or facial treatments of Japanese origin, but Kogao consists of a series of specific techniques for manipulating the skin and muscles of the face, head and neck, also incorporating pressure points derived from Shiatsu. As in Shiatsu, Kogao only uses his fingers and palms. The word Kogao literally means “small face.” In Japanese culture, having a “small face” is considered a positive attribute and is an indication of Health & Wellness, since the opposite, such as having a swollen or congested face, can be a sign that something is not right in the body.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that the self-massage are part of a facial routine common in the Asian country. Good habits of life are considered in Japan the main secret of longevity and of the good health. And the beauty It is, irremediably, linked to a good state of health. A traditional Japanese family, even today, considers massage as important as diet and the exercise, and it is a custom transmitted from parents to children.

Just as physical exercise improves the body, Kogao is an “exercise” for improve the condition of the face and neck. To be practical, in this text we will use the terms “Japanese facelift” and Kogao interchangeably to refer to our technique, which encompasses, as we mentioned, a set of various techniques, each with a specific purpose to manually treat different areas of the face, head and neck, with the association of Shiatsu pressure points, not only from Namikoshi but also from Aze Shiatsu.

Kogao is a surprisingly effective treatment and improves the natural condition of the fur, contributing brightness y elasticity. One of the results is a “natural lifting” effect visible from the first treatment. However, the objective goes far beyond the visible and aesthetic effects.

The goals of Kogao therapy

The aim from Kogao, as happens with the therapy from which it is born, Shiatsu, and since Kogao is based on it, it is to promote not only the health of the patient, but to increase the self-knowledge and understand health from a point of view holistic, as happens in traditional Chinese medicine. In this case, the starting point is one of the most important organs of the body: the skin. The treatment performed on the face, head and neck through the application of different types of manual techniques in specific areas and points not only produces a local effect, but also a state of relaxation and a sensation of general well-being.

Master Onoda Shiatsu Clinic, Kogao Therapy

Main benefits of the treatment

This therapy has several objectives. Although one of the things that attracts the most attention about Kogao is the visible effect that occurs on the skin, improving the state of hydrationthe elasticity and the firmnessIn addition to helping to reduce wrinkles, it is still the result of changes that occur at a deeper level.

Through manual techniques, the deep planes of the muscles and, through the pressure exerted on specific points following Shiatsu points, it is intended to activate the repair mechanisms of the skin itself, the muscles and other underlying tissues. In this way, we also manage to activate the circulation and the lymphatic drainage, and increase the elimination of toxins.

We must also know that the pressure we apply stimulates the secretion of endorphins, the neurotransmitters responsible for modulating the pain response, producing a feeling of pleasure, tranquility and well-being. For all this, we also know the endorphins like hormones happiness. On an aesthetic level we can say that it consists of a “natural facelift” without surgery, without pain and without scars.

Kogao is suitable for everything type of skin: normal, dry, oily or with problems such as atopic dermatitis or acne. It is also suitable for both men and women of any age and has no contraindications or side effects.

The natural face lift is the result of a combination of:

Shiatsu pressures.

● Kneading maneuvers.

● Percussions.

● Frictions.

● Facial reflexology and acupuncture points.

● Deep muscle massage techniques.

● Smoothing.

It is done lightly through a rapid sequence of percussion movements rhythmic. Thus, the nervous system is stimulated, improving blood circulation and the lymphatic flow, reinforcing and toning muscles. These movements require great ability, since only with the movement of the fingers and the manipulation of the hands the entire treatment is carried out. The techniques we show must be constantly practiced to develop the sequence of manipulations with agility and speed.

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