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Aze Shiatsu is the reconciliation with Western medicine without renouncing the knowledge of Traditional Oriental Medicine and always looking for the best methods to treat patients. 

Aze-style Shiatsu has in recent years become an important essential study stop for manual therapy practitionersIt takes the original Namikoshi Shiatsu to the next level, making it fundamental to the treatment of Western patients. 

This therapy is the result of more than 36 years of research and experience of the Master Shigeru Onodawho was a direct disciple of the creator of Shiatsu, Tokujiro Namikoshi. By treating and adapting the therapy to Western patients, the Master Onoda He adapted the Shiatsu he learnt in Japan to the western world based on his experience treating patients in Spain and with very favourable results.

It is an evolving method that combines all the knowledge that Master Onoda has studied in Japan and Europe. This therapy is applied on a stretcher, unlike Namikoshi Shiatsu, which is applied on a tatami, i.e. on the floor. In addition, this therapy includes the so-called Aze points, which are intermediate points between the traditional Namikoshi Shiatsu points. 

Shiatsu for Westerners

To answer the question of what is Aze Shiatsu, we must bear in mind that more than half a planet separates the western world from the eastern world. Specifically, the distance between Madrid and Japan is 10,645 kilometres. But we are not only distant in kilometres, we also have different customs, thoughts, food and rhythms of life.

So, if we differ in so many ways, why should our bodies be the same? There are differences between the oriental human body and western bodies that can make a difference when it comes to treating certain ailments. For example, the lumbar curvature in Western bodies is around 20% while in Eastern bodies it is only 2%. This affects, for example, the frequency of herniated discs. And even if there are cultural differences, pain always is and always will be common and universal in all human beings.

If you want to understand this therapy better, you can learn more about the history of its creator here: Shigeru Onoda's story is available in this entry.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who have been involved in the therapists and teachers from Aze Shiatsuwho share our passion for Shiatsu and who promote this therapy

If you're interested, you can learn Aze Shiatsu from scratch at the introductory therapy courses or in the Professional course of Shiatsu.

Our school.

In the Master Onoda Clinic Madrid, you can receive your Shiatsu treatment.


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