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Shiatsu Namikoshi Official Technique. English



In this work, Master Onoda, who graduated from the Japan Shiatsu College of TokyoShiatsu Namikoshi: The Official Shiatsu Namikoshi Method, the technique that is currently regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health and which provides the basic keys that any Shiatsu therapist should know and master. Shiatsu Namikoshi: Official Technique contains a clear, concise and complete exposition of each of the 80 different techniques of Shiatsu therapy. Its unique contribution is that it offers simple and precise descriptions which, combined with careful graphic support, ensure the learning and assimilation of each of the techniques.

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Author. Shigeru Onoda.
Difficulty level. Low.
First Edition.
Editorial Aze Shiatsu.
Hardcover. 255 pages.

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