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Shiatsu Neck Treatment. English



The cervical region holds the head. The head is the heviest part of the body. Thanks to this region the head has a wide range of mobility which allow us to live normally. The neck allows us to breath, eat and talk correctly. It´s the most movable part of the spine, the least robust part and therefore it´s the most delicate. Doing a correctly Shiatsu treatment in the cervical region will relief the pain in that area, and also it´ll influence indirectly in other regions like the legs or the hip. Therefore the neck region is one of the most important part in the Shiatsu Technique. This guide include more than 250 pictures for an easy comprehension.

Author. Shigeru Onoda.
Difficulty level. Medium.
Edited by Japan Shiatsu School of Spain.
Language. English.
Pages. 72 Pages.

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