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Aze Shiatsu Basic Treatment. Vol. 1. English

Aze Shiatsu book to learn the basic fundaments of Shiatsu.

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Shiatsu, by the hands of the professional therapist, accesses structural imbalances and allows the body to activate its own self-healing mechanisms which it has since birth.

Today, its effectiveness is recognized, not only in Europe and the United States but is also becoming widely-known to be perfect alternative to medicine as we know it today.

Shigeru Onoda, a graduate ok Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo, shows un very simply, the Aze Shiatsu method developed as a result of his experiences since 1984 with thousands of patients in Spain.

Illustrated whit more than 500 images so the students can understand correctly; it introduces us in a practical and enjoyable way to the learning of Shiatsu Therapy. It is a very complete manual, including prone and supine position therapy. Both for the beginner starting out, as well as for those at the most professional level.

Author. Shigeru Onoda.
Difficulty level. Medium.
Edited by Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu
Language. English.
Pages. 367 Pages.



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