C/ Joaquín Bau, 2. 28036 Madrid. España (+34) 913 457 124


He is a professional therapist graduated in the Japan Shiatsu College in 1985 who has worked in the best rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles (USA), Hawaii (USA), Osaka (Japan), New York (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

He has also developed his own technique, which achieves a high efficiency because the part of the body that radiates pain is not treated, but the origin of the imbalance is sought.

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Shiatsu treatment focused on myofascial structures. Localization of root imbalance and treatment.
Shiatsu in gastrocnemius region.
Shiatsu in gluteal region, adductor muscle and tendon of the pit.
Treatment for ailments and leg overload.
Release of hip joints.

  1. Diagnosis and checking by means of muscular chains.
  2. Neck discomfort (sternocleidomastoid): relation to muscle of quadriceps, ankle and tibialis anterior. Clavicle.
  3. Shoulder and rotator discomfort: relationship to quadriceps muscle, pelvis and psoas major.
  4. Discomfort on back: relationship with adductor tendon.
  5. Arm discomfort: relationship with adductor muscle.
  6. Disorders in sacrum: relationship with adductor tendon.
  7. Gluteal discomfort: relationship to adductor external tendon.
  8. Hand discomfort: relationship with buttock, shoulder and oblique.
  9. Disorders in quadriceps: relation to muscle of pectoralis major, abdomen and pelvis.


July 2019

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July 2019 Saturday from 9.00 to 15.00 Sunday from 9.00 to 15.00 Total: 12h

Taught by

Master Yasu Miyamoto & and technical team.

Indicated to

Shiatsupractors, physiotherapist, personal trainers and professional or students of manual therapies.

Location & Fees

Enrolment Fee: 120€ Fee: 100€ (First day of class date of payment) Total amount: 220€ Location: Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu c/ Joaquín Bau 2 Local 28036 Madrid Spain


  • Psoas prints pt 1 and pt 2

  • Pack of 3 explanatory prints

  • Certificate issued by the Japanese Shiatsu School and signed by Master Onoda and Yasu Miyamoto.

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