Characteristics of Shiatsu


Main characteristics of Aze Shiatsu 

In previous blog posts, we have seen what what is Shiatsu,  on Aze Shiatsu, y its main benefits. In the following, we briefly explain the main characteristics of Shiatsu therapy: how it works, what it is for and how it can benefit our health. 

1. It is ution of the hands only

Shiatsu therapy is carried out exclusively with the hands and fingers, which means that it can be performed anywhere and at any time. In other words, does not use any kind of equipment. 

2. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out at the same time

This means that when the therapist presses on each region of the body, he or she receives information about the state of the body through the hands and fingers. Through this data, the therapist is able to determine the correct therapy to apply, thus achieving greater effectiveness.

3. No side effects

Shiatsu is a natural therapy, without the side effects of medication. Moreover, it does not go beyond the limit of pleasant pain and produces muscle relaxation. In other words, when receiving Shiatsu, the patient will not feel a sharp pain, but a sense of relief as the session progresses.

Cómo actúa el Shiatsu
Infographic explaining the applications of Shiatsu

4. Can be used for any type of person

Shiatsu does not choose gender or age. It is valid for children, adults and seniors.  In each case, the pressure is modulated and the appropriate treatment is given.

When it comes to childrenShiatsu for babies, in early stages, helps them to improve their physical constitution. For this reason, Shiatsu for babies is encouraged, which can be performed by their parents and strengthen the bond with their children.

In the case of adults is used as maintenance and prevention of illnesses. It is also very useful for women: in menopause, pregnancy, hormonal and emotional disorders.

For patients with old age helps to soften the phenomena of ageing, preserving abilities and making the body more flexible.

5. Sive as a barometer of healthlud (Medicpreventive action)

When we receive Shiatsu periodically, it helps us to get to know our body and to discover the possible changes and irregularities that may manifest themselves. In this way, it allows us to solve and tackle possible imbalances in the body. 

In addition, Shiatsu prevents the accumulation of stress and fatigue, and helps to prevent the onset of many pathologies.

6. Mental effect

During the treatment, the communication between patient and therapist allows, through hand contact, to harmonise the breathing of both. In this way, feelings of gratitude, affection and empathy are generated, which guarantee very effective results.

7. Comprehensive treatment

When we receive Shiatsu on a regular basis, the whole body is worked on, balancing the organism and maintaining a state of health.

These are the main characteristics of Shiatsu. But we will analyse in more detail its application for different pathologies in the next few pages. blog entries.

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