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Master Hiroshi Miura


Complete Course Sotai-Ho®


Master Miura, direct disciple from the creator of Sotai Ho: Keizo Hashimoto
One of the living legends of Sotai Ho in Japan visits Madrid invited by the Japanese School of Shiatsu.

Master Hiroshi Miura is one of the greatest exponents of this therapy at an international level.
He is one of the few direct students of the creator of Sotai Ho, Keizo Hashimoto.

He has taken the therapy conceived by Hashimoto to a very high level. It combines the basis of the primal Sotai Ho with a thorough study of the structure of the body and the relationship of all its parts. Your Sotai is pure movement and energetic flow. His method focuses on working on the distal areas of the body to intervene on large joints.

A unique opportunity to learn directly with the person who has developed the bases of the Sotai Ho technique.

The academic program of this course is authorized and supervised by Sotai Ho Official Japan.
  • Masters Miura and Hatakeyama
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Dates and Schedule Lv 1

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Dates and Schedule Lv 2

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Taught by

Master Hiroshi Miura Master Hiromi Hatakeyama Master Shigeru Onoda

Directed to:

-Healthcare professionals. -Shiatsupractos, physiotherapists and osteopaths.


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Level 1

PROGRAM: Origin and concepts Health Balance, an omnipresent concept. Interrelation between the four elements Theory and practice of Sotai Ho Dynamic diagnosis Chained movement Resistance Communicate with the patient Check the movement Basic Katas Physical, visceral and psychological imbalances Relationship between the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle.

Level 2

PROGRAM: The observation in Sotai-Ho Balance guidelines Observation Structural analysis Help resistance Relaxation before treatment Application of Kata according to ailment Release of the shoulder girdle Advanced Katas Sotai applied. Relationship between cervical. Katas in sitting posture Physical, visceral and psychological imbalances II Alignment of the pelvic area and its rebalancing.

Complete Course. Level 1 & Level 2

It includes

  • Book. The soul of Sotai: Basic foundations of Sotai Ho. SpanishBook.

  • Sotai Ho. Principi fondamentali. Italian.

  • DVD Sotai Ho with Hiroshi Miura.

  • Notebook of notes.Sotai-Ho Japan.

  • Certificate signed by Master Miura, Master Hatakeyama and Master Onoda.

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