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Through the application of pressure (thumb and palm) in different parts of the body, the Shiatsu therapist relieves regions of the body that radiate pain or discomfort caused by bad postural habits, joint injuries or muscle overload.

The particularity of this therapy is that we locate and treat from the root of the imbalance / anomaly. Only in this way is a complete and lasting improvement in the health status of the patient achieved.

We inform that the Shiatsu therapy offered in this center has the state license No. 2787 issued by the Ministry of Health of Japan in favor of Master Shigeru Onoda. He graduated from Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo (Japan) in 1982.

Digital pressure therapy endorsed by the Japanese Ministry of Health.
Physical & Emotional imbalance
Currently, we are use to work long periods of time and suffer high stress / anxiety levels. Through Shiatsu we guarantee to alleviate physical ailments as well as emotionals.

  • neck & shoulder pain

  • lumbago

  • stress & anxiety

  • excessive fatigue

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Receiving Shiatsu therapy in the course of gestation, it is possible to cope with this period in a better state, since we alleviate the ailments produced by physical change.

  • Back pain

  • Fatigue

  • Bad circulation

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Effective and healthy
Shiatsu is the effective and healthy alternative. This is because we do not use medicaments  such as analgesics, antidepressants or pain relievers to eliminate discomfort; in this way we avoid the appearance of side effects in the patient’s organism.
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54 €/session

55 min duration

51 €/session

Buying 5 sessions Voucher. 255€. 21%Tax Included.

49 €/session

Buying 10 sessions Voucher. 490€. 21%Tax Included.

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