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Shiatsu for patients of COVID persistent or long COVID

COVID-19 has caused and continues to cause significant sequelae in a significant percentage of patients who pass acute infection. An estimated 10% of those infected have persistent symptoms and have not recovered their pre-infection vital status. The WHO The definition of this pathology and common associated symptoms, which has come to be known internationally as persistent COVID, was adopted in February 2021, long COVID or post-COVID syndrome. The Shiatsu may become one of the complementary treatment options to treat some of the ailments of persistent COVID.

Persistent Covid: symptoms after several months of infection 

A case of long covid or persistent covid " is considered to individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, usually three months after the onset of Covid-19 with symptoms lasting at least two months that cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis. The most common symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction, but other symptoms may also occur and often have an impact on the patient's daily functioning (...) ". 

Common symptoms include fatigue, dyspnoea and other respiratory problems. Also cardiovascular symptoms such as pericarditis; headaches and migrainessymptoms neurological as anosmia y cognitive problems. In many cases, the symptomatology means that the patient not only cannot recover their original state of health, but also that their quality of life worsens considerably, sometimes leading to a state of dependence and incapacity that is assessed by the medical court. 

Both nationally and internationally, there are currently numerous organisations around long covid. They provide advice and support to patients in various fields and are also a place to share common experiences.  

Shiatsu to treat symptoms of persistent covid or long covid

How can Shiatsu help patients with persistent covid? 

The search for different therapeutic options to improve or alleviate symptoms is common in many of these patients. Shiatsu therapy, as a non-pharmacological treatment, without side effects, can be an effective treatment. effective complementary treatment for several of the main symptoms. The capacity of the therapy to improve the patient's feeling of asthenia, tiredness or chronic fatigue, in many cases from the very first session, is a significant improvement on the physical and emotional state  

Shiatsu as therapy for persistent covid and long covid to alleviate symptoms

Shiatsu also promotes recovery body's own autonomous body, helping to heal damaged tissues and symptoms. chronified after months of illness. The beneficial effect of the treatment on the nervous system can also help to alleviate symptoms of psychological and emotional origin. These are a consequence of the situation and the stress to which the patient is subjected due to the disease and all its unknowns.  

At the cardiovascular level, Shiatsu improves the blood and lymphatic circulationIt helps to re-establish the body's lost balance and the recovery of lung and even heart tissue. The treatment is also an important reinforcement of the immune systemIt is also an effective tool for the treatment of the weakened body after months of efforts by the patient's body to regain its health. It is also an effective tool for headaches and the migrainetwo of the most common symptoms in long covid patients. 

Alternative and complementary treatments to restore balance 

One of the common patterns followed by persistent covid or long covid sufferers is the constant search for a diagnosis. Also, trying to understand what is happening to their body, with constant uncertainty about the long-term consequences of a new pathology. Trying new treatments, preferably non-invasive, is one of the options for many of these patients. They often feel immersed in a process of rehabilitation almost constantly and experimenting with different ways to regain their health, taken away after pandemic. Shiatsu offers an effective complementary option to combat persistent covid. It helps to restore the patient's state of wellbeing, recovering the vitality lost after months of illness. 

For those patients who are interested, as well as for doctors, we remind you that there is the Clinical Guideline on persistent COVIDThe new website, from 2021, will be available to consult information and better understand the disease.

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