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More than 35 years of experience
Japan Shiatsu School
Accredited Academic Center by the Japan Shiatsu College of Tokio - Japan.

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Official Shiatsu University of Japan
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The Japanese School of Shiatsu is the pioneer academic center of Shiatsu therapy in Spain.

Since 1984, this school has the direct support of Japan Shiatsu College, the highest international exponent of Shiatsu, and also with the Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe Association aprobbation.

We guarantee a complete, authentic and global training of Shiatsu therapy through our academic program, internationally recognized for its quality, authenticity and technical rigor.
  • Tokujiro Namikoshi Founder and creator of Shiatsu therapy
  • Shigeru Onoda Direct disciple of the creator
  • Kazutami Namikoshi President Japan Shiatsu College
  • Yuji Namikoshi Head of Studies Japan Shiatsu College
Why should you choose us?
Accredited by the Ministry of Health of Japan
Because it is the only shiatsu academic center in Spain that has the authorization of Japan Shiatsu College of Japan to teach shiatsu. It means that the academic program is supervised by an entity accredited by the Ministry of Health of Japan.

After more than 30 years of collaboration with Japan Shiatsu College, we can offer updated and renewed training material improved to the smallest detail every year. Thanks to this fact, every student has up-to-date didactic training based on current pathologies.

Our only objective is the preparation of future therapists who practice treatments in an effective, ethical and responsible manner, and we ensure this result through teaching by qualified teachers with extensive experience in this therapy.
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