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Treatment of the neck with Shiatsu



The cervical area supports the head, which is one of the heaviest parts of the body. It is thanks to this area that the head has mobility. The neck is the most mobile part of the spine and the least solid, making it the most delicate area. When there is pain in the neck, it becomes tense and rigid, as a consequence we lose flexibility in the whole body. After more than 30 years of treating patients, we have carried out this didactic book in which we show the optimal way to treat the cervical area. With a multitude of images and commentaries. In this volume we emphasise diagnosis to determine the order of work, basic fundamentals of neck treatment using Shiatsu, drainage and we finish by showing the guidelines for the treatment of the anterior zone and the reflex zones.

Author. Shigeru Onoda.
Difficulty level. Medium.
Edita. Japanese school of Shiatsu.
Language. English.
Softcover. 71 pages.

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