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Aze Shiatsu® 

Low back and Neck Treatment


Professional Technique
With this course, which is completely taught by Master Onoda, we’ll learn Shiatsu qualities and techniques for the common ailments in cervical and lumbar region.

  • Stretching and discharge or mucular release.

  • Types of contractures.

  • Focus by muscles.

  • Most important points Lumbar region.

  • Most important points Cervical region.

  • Modern diseases.

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Introduction. Shiatsu Professional techniques.
Study of pressure (depth, direction and duration).
Sanri point aspects study.

Focus of the treatment according to lines and points.
Treatment of the lower back in three postures.
Treatment of the lateral zone; Sanri area.

Shiatsu techniques to activate the inguinal area.
The emptiness above, the plenitude below and pain.
The eight zones of physical pain.
The eight zones of mental pain.

Prevention of dizziness (menken).
Nagare Oshi (drag pressure).
Información general


November 2019

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019 Saturday 10.00 to 15.00 Sunday 10.00 to 15.00 Total: 10h

Taught by

Master Onoda and technical team

Indicated to

Shiatsupractors, physiotherapist, personal trainers and professional or students of manual therapies.

Location and fees

Enrolment Fee: 120€ Fee: 120€ (First day of class date of payment) Total amount: 220€ Location: Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu c/ Joaquín Bau 2 Local 28036 Madrid Spain


  • Book “Tratamiento de la Lumbalgia mediante Shiatsu. Edit Alfaomega. Autor Shigeru Onoda.”

  • Book “Tratamiento de cuello mediante Shiatsu. Edit Aze Shiatsu 2018 Castellano. 2ª Edición.”

  • Explanatory print “Lámina explicativa. Tratamiento del cuello mediante Aze Shiatsu.”

  • Certificate issued by the Japanese Shiatsu School and signed by Master Onoda.

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