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KOGAO® Japanese Face Lift

What is Kogao? Differences with Kobido

The Japanese facelift

The origin of KogaoLifting Facial Japones

The date of Kogao's birth remains a mystery to this day, but it is believed to date back some 7,000 years in China and was introduced to Japan in the early 5th century AD. Once in Japan, they called this treatment Anma.

The word Anma translates as "pressure" (An) and "friction" (ma). It literally means "to press and rub" and was practised by the ancient Samurai to restore the free circulation of their body before each battle.

What we know today as Kogao was born in 1472 at the express request of of the Empress of Japan who wanted to feel eternally young and beautiful. Her aim then, and still is today, was to give well-being, strength, harmony and tranquillity to maintain one's own energy and beauty.

What is Kogao?

The Kogao is a set of ancient age-old techniques which, combined together, result in a manual treatment of the neck, face and head. This treatment produces a "Natural Lifting" effect visible from the first day of treatment. According to Japanese tradition, beauty is a reflection of a stable balance between body and mind.

The techniques used in the Kogao treatment are aimed at maintaining or recreating and restoring the skin's lost balance. Their function is to improving health, increasing longevity and preventing the onset of disease. Kogao is a surprisingly effective technique, improving the natural condition of the skin and minimising the ageing process. 

It enhances the natural beauty of the person, helps to balancing life energy and improves the overall health of the body. This treatment allows not only to have a visibly pleasing face, but also helps the whole body to feel calm, relaxed and balanced.

What are the treatments?

Kogao improves the hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin on both the face and neck. It also prevents and reduces wrinkles and sagging skin. It could be called a "Natural Lifting" without surgery, without pain and without scars. It is suitable and suitable for all skin types: normal, dry, oily or acne-prone skin. Suitable for both men and women and has no medical contraindications. 

The Kogao or Natural Face Lift is the result of a combination of:

- Ancient Japanese medical concepts.

- Stimulations based on percussion techniques.

- Deep muscle massage techniques.

- Kneading manoeuvres.

- Several specific touches on the surface of the skin.

- Shiatsu point acupressure. 

It is carried out lightly and in the face through a rapid sequence of rhythmic percussion movements. In this way, we stimulate the nervous system, improving blood circulation and lymphatic flow, strengthening and toning the muscles. These movements require and need a great deal of skill, which is acquired through constant practice, as the whole treatment is carried out with just the movement of the fingers and the manipulation of the hands. 

What benefits do we get from Kogao?Kogao - Lifting facial

For hundreds of years, Japanese culture has considered good living habits as the main secret to longevity. Their belief is that beauty is linked to good health. In the traditional Japanese family, even today, massage is considered as important as diet or exercise. 

Just as physical exercise improves the body, the Kogao treatment is an "exercise" to improve the condition of the face and neck.

- The deep musculature is worked.

- Improves blood circulation.

- Helps to eliminate toxins.

- Regenerates tissues. 

What is the difference between Kobido and Kogao?

Kobido, a Japanese facelift technique, was born and developed in Japan. Kogao, on the other hand, has the same traditional Japanese origin, but has been developed in Europe. Western facial morphology, the impact of the sun on our skin, and some pathologies are different or develop differently than in the Eastern face. On the other hand, Kogao has evolved with the most modern knowledge of aesthetics. If Kobido is the pure tradition, Kogao is the application of that tradition to today's beauty standards and treatments.


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