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Facial rejuvenation


You will learn to master this ancient therapy.
The treatment covers the neck, face and scalp; producing a deep relaxation and relief of aches and pains. The production of collagen is stimulated at a deep level, which, as it arises, gradually eliminates wrinkles and expression lines.

The result is a fresh, relaxed, toned and elastic face, characteristics typical of youth. This is why in Europe it is known as "scalpel-free facial surgery." This therapy helps to treat headache, migraines, vertigo and facial paralysis among other benefits.
Control with your hands how to improve the appearance and texture of the face when it begins to lose elasticity. Through this treatment toxins are removed from the face, repairs facial tissues and prevents and reduces the impact of the aging process.
Training indicated both professionally (aesthetic sector) and on a personal level. No prior knowledge is necessary.


  • Kogao history. Japanese Facelift.
  • Benefits: The correct application of the therapy generates a large amount of oxygen to the skin, which produces the elimination of toxins and dead cells.
  • Skin types: normal / dry / oily.
  • More than 20 points include this massage technique: Step by step development.
  • Brief introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Ying and Yang theory.
    Neurovascular points.
    What can facial reflexology relieve?
  • Facial diagnosis.
    Muscle map.
    Determine the reflex areas on the face.
    Diagnostic map.
  • Complete advanced working protocol: initial skin exfoliation / step-by-step technique procedure.
  • Complementation:
    Close neurovascular points.
    Technique of hands.
    Foot reflexology as an important part of the circle for more effective relaxation.
  • Application of high quality products to end the therapy: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, among others.
  • Date: 
    Thursday 28 January 2021

    Friday 29 January 2021
    Saturday 30 January 2021
    Sunday 31 January 2021
  • Hours: 10:00 to 15:00.
  • Total hours: 20h
  • Teacher: 
    Patricia Herrera Huesca
    Professional Japanese Facelift Therapist at the Shiatsu Clinic in Madrid.
  • Indicated to:

    Manual therapy students

    Accessible course for people interested in the benefit, health care and beauty of the skin.

  • Enrollment. € 190 (Place reservation).
  • 1st Fee: € 200 (Payment date first day of class)
  • Total fee. € 390
  • Location: Japanese Shiatsu School.
    c / Joaquín Bau 2 Local 28036 Madrid Spain
  • Book “Japanese Facelift. Kogao ”. Edit Japanese Shiatsu School 2018.
  • Practical material. (Oils and masks for different skin types).
  • Theoretical didactic material.
  • Certificate issued by the Japanese School of Shiatsu.


Kobido Japan Inc has decided to offer an official training program in Madrid through the Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu, granting the official Kobido license.