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The Japanese facelift is a millenary technique that once demanded royalty, so it is also known as the massage of the empresses or currently, such as Kogao. This discipline consists of a session with four phases:  
  • Cleaning and drainage
  • Stretching and lighting
  • Japanese Lifting Kogao Technique
  • Recovery massage

During the session, the therapist makes quick and slow movements in key points of the face, emphasizing in one or other aspects depending on the physiognomy and skin of the patient and adapting to what he needs specifically and providing multiple benefits.
Illuminates and oxygenates the facial area
Prior to the manual work with the facial area, a skin cleaning is performed with special oils that provide a natural illumination of the face and an oxygenation of the same, eliminating the impurities that did not allow it to breathe freely.


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It stimulates collagen production
This technique massages key areas of the face that cause a stimulation of collagen, which is a protein that is generated naturally and that helps to provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.


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Eliminates stains and wrinkles
This therapy consists of fluctuations between fast and slow movements that significantly improve the circulation of the face and cause the skin to rise, leaving wrinkles and blemishes below and concealing their appearance.


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