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Aze Shiatsu® Intensive 20hours
Professionals Techniques & Anpuku


"The Shiatsu that can´t relief the pain of the patient, is not Shiatsu." Master Shigeru Onoda

Intensive course of great relevance and demand at the international level.

Indicated to every kind of manual therapists professional or students.

It is necessary to have prior knowledge in manual therapy. If you don’t have any experience, you can learn it trought basic Shiatsu courses.

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35 years of Shiatsu treatments in Europe

Anatomically, there are clear differences between the western body structure and japanese one. The main one is located in the lumbar curvature region, where the western constitution has 20% more frequency to suffer a herniated disc, againts the 2% of the asian constitution.

The cultural difference is also a fact that we have to know: in Europe, the treatment and the pressure has to be lighter and less intense, but in Japan is the opposite: the pressure has to be so hard, deep and intenssive. This is because there is a cultural belief that the treatment will be more efective if the pressure is deeper and intenssive.

As a conclusion, we could say that Aze Shiatsu Techinique of Master Onoda is the ideal Shiatsu treatment methodology for European’s body and mentality.  

We have travelled all over the world...
... and now, we are closer than ever


DAY 1 Aze Shiatsu Basic

– Namikoshi base: warm up 8 hip movements, prone infrascapular decubitus, scapula margin and lumbar area and 43 point bladder importance.

– Namikoshi base and introduction to Aze Shiatsu: treatment in lateral decubitus, interscapular, scapula margin and iliac crest. Treatment in lateral decubitus in stretcher, suprascapular, interscapular and edge of scapula. Bladder point 43, point 11 and point 9 of small intestine. Manipulation and basic stretching of the arm, point 21 of pancreatic vessels. Support material: Aze Shiatsu blade.

– Review of how to work the back in prone position. Aze Shiatsu Theory of 5 warnings and 2 companions. We started Aze Shiatsu Treatment in Kubi region (ankle).

– Continue to practice Kubi Aze Shiatsu treatment: ankle. Support material: Aze Shiatsu blade and Aze Shiatsu visual presentation in Kubi region (ankle).
DAY 2 Aze Shiatsu Advanced

– 8 autoshiatsu movements. 8 patient therapist movements and 20 point governor vessel. We work femoral region: arterial, lateral and medial by stretching and Shiatsu.

– Hip muscles: stretching and tension release. Shiatsu treatment in lateral decubitus, gluteus major region and gluteus medius. Hamstrings. Shiatsu treatment for region ilio psoas muscles and stretching. Material of support: print of general body observations by means of Aze Shiatsu style.

– Neck treatment (kubi) for the back. Cervical lateral region, posterior cervical, occipital, and laterateral lateral. Stretch of each line. Sitting and lateral decubitus. Aze Shiatsu with stretcher of the neck general.

– Shiatsu treatment for the 7 points of mental stress. Points sternum 17 vc, points in the lower clavicle, deltopectoral and antebrachial areas: M.C 4, 6, 8, C7. 

–Shiatsu treatment for hormonal imbalance of women. Shiatsu for gluteal region (3 parts).

– Shiatsu in back region, lateral cervical region. Supine, medial forearm. 7 points for treatment of emotional imbalance. Sternum 17 vc, under clavicle, deltopectoral and antebrachial. M.C. 4, 6, 8, C7.

DAY 3 Anpuku

– Anpuku. Treatment of Hara with Shiatsu.

– The order in the work of “Anpuku”

– Make “a cut”

– Relationship between breathing and abdominal Shiatsu.

– The technique to free the diaphragm.

-Ceremony closing and diplomas.



July 2019

Friday 12th July 2019: From 15.00 to 21.00 Saturday 13th July 2019: From 9.00 to 15.00 & from 16.00 to 18.00 Sunday 14th July 2019: From 9.00 to 15.00 Total hours: 20h

Taught by

Master Shigeru Onoda & Technical Team.

Indicated to:

Shiatsupractors, physiotherapist, personal trainers and professional or students of manual therapies.

Location & Fees

Enrolment fee: 150€ Fee: 475€ (date of payment of this fee is the 1st day of class) Total amount: 625€ Location: Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu. c/ Joaquín Bau 2 Local 28036 Madrid Spain.


  • Didactic material: books, DVD’s and prints during the days of the course, appropriate to the personal level of each student.

  • Book Anpuku. Tratamiento del Hara con Shiatsu. Edit Aze Shiatsu.Castellano. 2019.

  • Certificate issued form the Japan Shiatsu School accredited by the Japan Shiatsu College and signed by Master Onoda.

  • English – Italian & French Translator

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