C/ Joaquín Bau, 2. 28036 Madrid. España (+34) 913 457 124
Frequent questions

How to get to the location of the event?

Metro stations :Pío XII, Duque de Pastrana.
Bus lines: Nº 16, 29,
Taxi service: 915 478 200

Can I make a reservation for an overnight stay at the Ilunion Hotel?

If you want to book at the Hotel Ilunion, you can manage the reservation by sending an email to:
Head of reception Sandra Hidalgo shidalgo@ilunionhotels.com
(Because there is an event in Madrid, the hotel rate is € 150 + VAT per night.).

Who can attend the official dinner of the event?

All those who have their entrance to the event can attend.

Before you must notify the organizer that you want to attend and pay the price of the dinner which is 35 the menu.


What is the dinner menu?

Ham and loin with tumaca bread.
Shrimp dumpling and goat cheese.
Ham croquette.
Tuna tuna with candied onion.
Beef sirloin with vegetables and mushroom sauce.
Chocolate Coulant.
Water, beer, wine and coffee.
Price per person. 35 € VAT included. If you want to attend dinner, please inform us.

Do I have other options to sleep in Madrid?

It is not mandatory that you have to spend the night in the same place as the event.
Here are some options.

I am an NSE instructor, do I have to take the exam?

All NSE instructors must attend the instructor renewal examination.

In what book will the exam be based?

The exam will be based on the book: Namikoshi Shiatsu Official Technique.
If you still do not have it, you can get the book by clicking here

I do not have the NSE 2017 fee paid Can I take the exam?

Do not.
In order to attend the event, it is mandatory to have the NSE 2017 fee paid.

How can I pay the fee?

To pay the fee write us an email to centro@shiatsudo.com
We will respond with an account number so you can make the bank transfer.