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Why us?

Because we are the only academic center in Europe authorized by the Japan Shiatsu College of Japan, that is, the fundamentals and subjects taught are the same as an entity accredited by the Ministry of Health of Japan.

Can I validate?

If you bring the academic certificate you can validate the theoretical part. Level 1 Anatomy Level 2 Physiology Likewise, the course fee will be reduced.

Should I have previous studies to access the Professional Course?

No. The Shiatsu Professional Course can be accessed without having studies related to health sciences. We start from ‘0’, teaching from the beginning both at a theoretical (Anatomy) and practical (Shiatsu) level. We offer face-to-face and virtual tutorials to guarantee the comprehension of the didactic content.

What qualification do I obtain at the end of each Professional Course Level?

After passing Level 2 you will obtain the Technical Qualification in Shiatsu, endorsed by Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe Association. You will have enough knowledge to apply a Shiatsu treatment at a professional level.

To consult the rest of the levels consult the explanatory table.

Another school

If you have studied at another school and want to continue in our school, you can join after completing a free level test. You will enter the most favorable level.

Will I work?

Currently, due to the accelerated lifestyle in the West, the demand for professional Shiatsu therapists is experiencing an unstoppable boom. Therefore, those who finish their studies have guaranteed work, either as self-employed or hired.

To whom is it directed to?

This Professional Shiatsu Course is indicated and adapted for both a personal level of training (applying the shiatsu therapy in a family scope) as well as on a profesional level.
Due to the efficiency of this therapy, more and more students are coming from the health sector (psychotherapists, nurses, osteopathy, medicine) to complement, reinforce and improve their treatments.