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Cup therapy

according to Oriental Medicine
Cup therapy

The application of suckers is an ancient medical treatment whose origin in traditional Chinese medicine dates back to 300 or 400 BC. The Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures also have ancient records about this practice.Currently, the application of suckers is still used regularly in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

These are glass cups of different sizes that are attached to the body with a suction method that promotes blood circulation producing different healing effects. The treatment improves blood circulation, so it increases the speed of healing, reduces the pain and relieves muscle discomfort by accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

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  1. What are suction cups? 
  2. History of cupping 
  3. Cupping methods 
  4. Types of suction cups 
  5. Indications of suction cups 
  6. Basic treatments with suction cups for: 
  • Spine 
  • Lower extremities 
  • Superior limbs

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Taugth by

Instructor Julio Ortiz Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. R.C.U.

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  • Complete notes.

  • Material included: 3 glasses suction cups indicated for therapy, cottons & alcohol 70º.

  • Certificate issued by the Japanese Shiatsu School.