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Hinaishin Japanese Acupuncture


Acupuncture is based on the consideration of the body as a whole with each of its interrelated components through twelve meridians or channels with 361 points on which you can work. 

By performing a small task with an acupuncture needle at each of these specific points of the meridian can correct the imbalances of energy that produce a disease or condition of a particular body part.
Respiratory problems
One of the main effects of acupuncture is to eliminate the stiffness of the muscles by puncturing and relaxing the musculature. To treat respiratory problems, this therapy works the thoracic area to eliminate the tension of the muscles that surround the lungs and thus, help an improvement in the respiratory process.
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Gastrointestinal disorders
The placement of the needles sends stimuli to the nerve endings and other tissues or organs, sending messages to the brain that trigger different effects in the body as an analgesic or anti-inflammatory action and giving solution to many gastrointestinal problems.
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Emotional issues
Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of emotional conditions due to the stimulation of production of endorphins, responsible for happiness and good humor among other functions. Thanks to the segregation of these hormones, the body produces neurological changes that relieve problems such as stress, anxiety or depression.
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54 €/session

55 min duration

51 €/session

Acquiring 5 sessions bonus. 255€.

49 €/session

Acquiring 10 sessions bonus. 490€.

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